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Getting regular physical examinations by a health care provider helps catch disease symptoms early, before serious health complications arise. Dr. Kadie Leach is an experienced internal medicine physician in Lanham, Maryland, who specializes in all areas of preventive care. Call Dr. Leach’s office today to schedule your next physical examination, or book an appointment online.

Physical Exam Q & A

Why are physical examinations important?

Regular physical examinations help Dr. Leach detect and treat early signs of serious health problems. Some health conditions she diagnoses and treats include:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Other chronic diseases
  • Injuries

Some jobs, schools, and sports teams may require a physical examination to ensure you’re healthy enough to do a certain job or participate in physical activity.

How should I prepare for my physical exam?

Before coming in for your physical examination with Dr. Leach, have some information ready — especially if you’re a new patient. If you have health insurance, bring your insurance information with you. Bring a list of past lab reports and any medications (including dosages) you’re taking.

If you have a health condition or unusual symptoms, be ready to discuss these with Dr. Leach. Some patients find it easier to write down questions or concerns before their appointments, so they don’t forget.

What should I expect during a physical exam?

Physical exams vary based on your age, gender, and whether or not you have health conditions. During physical examinations, Dr. Leach:

  • Goes over your medical history
  • Takes your blood pressure
  • Orders lab tests if needed
  • Checks your breathing
  • Listens to your heart
  • Checks for injuries or signs of health conditions
  • Orders additional tests if necessary to confirm a diagnosis

When your physical examination is complete, Dr. Leach may recommend lifestyle changes or other treatments for injuries or chronic health conditions. She promotes overall wellness as a disease prevention strategy and is experienced with medical marijuana.

If you or your child requires a physical examination for school, a sports team, or work, Dr. Leach signs off on the necessary forms.

How often should I schedule an exam?

As a general rule, schedule a physical exam once a year or as needed for school or work. You may need to come in more often if you have health conditions or chronic disease risk factors.

Dr. Leach lets you know how often to schedule a physical examination. Call her office today, or book your next physical exam online.